So Corten: CorTen steel products for the outdoors

So Corten, Belgian company specialised in the manufacture of CorTen steel items, proposes a wide range of outdoor decorations and fittings.

In our online shop you will find different types of CorTen steel products to decorate and design your terrace and/or garden.

CorTen steel planters

So Corten offers a wide range of plant pots and frames. Elegant and stylish, they will enhance your garden.

CorTen steel barbecues and fireplaces 

So Corten offers a wide range of braziers, fireplaces and barbecues in CorTen steel. They are extremely robust, require no maintenance and can withstand all weather conditions.

CorTen steel firewood storage units

So Corten offers storage units for your firewood. As well as being elegant and warm, they are also highly functional.

CorTen steel fountains and ponds

So Corten offers a wide range of CorTen steel fountains and ponds that will add great elegance to your outdoor space.

CorTen steel decorations and fittings

So Corten also offers other outdoor decorations and fittings such as edging, letterboxes, walls, privacy screens, and much more.

Warranty and shipping

All products for sale on our online shop come with a 5-year warranty! So Corten guarantees fast service. Free delivery in Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Most products are also available made-to-measure.

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